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How To Eat
Like A Child
(And other lessons
about not growing up)

The CHS and CMS choirs performed their first major stage musical this past May. How To Eat Like A Child was first performed with Dick Van Dyke as a television special and was later taken to New York as a stage play.

The cast for the play consisted of the entire high school and middle school choir classes. They performed seven shows in a period of five days for over 1200 audience members.

Plans are already being made for two musicals next year, beginning in December with The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. Another Spring musical will be decided on next fall. Ms. Hager says she is looking forward to a banner year in 2002-2003.

Photos of How To Eat Like A Child can be found and ordered at:

Sports Wrap Ups!
How did your favorite CHS teams end the season?

CHS Girls Softball
Coach Ooten reports that the team had a great season and ended the year with a 21-6 record. Kudos to the team including seniors Jenni McNeely, Tara Mazon and Kara Meeks.

CHS Boys Baseball
From Coaches Godby and Berry: The team ended with a 23-7 record. CHS won the Section 1 Region 7 tournaments but were defeated by Wayne in the regionals. Seniors were: B.J. Picklesimer, Casey Bowling, Mickey Mendez, Thomas Shadd, and Joe Holtzclaw.

Coach Saunders was very pleased with this year's team, which boasted a 19-7 win loss record. Seth Cyphers was ranked #4 in the regional competition and represented CHS at the state tournaments. Senior tennis payers were: Seth Cyphers, Jeremy Wells, Randi Adams and Jina Mendez. Members of the CHS Tennis Team in addition to the seniors are: Jonathan Adkins, Wiebke Alscher, Jessica Chambers, Solange Hine, Christopher Meade, Krista Hensley, Shelley Richards, Brian Spaulding, Shaun Bartlow, Ashley Dalton, Erica Knowles, Erin Long and Courtney Quick.

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