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The Renaissance

Yes, we know that the real Renaissance took place half a millenium ago, but remnants do survive and flourish and delight those who are privileged to see them.

This semester Lynn Mahon's English 12 students impressed everyone else at CHS with the results of the Renaissance Project, an
activity designed specifically to showcase students' abilities in other disciplines. The problem: Use your particular talent(s) to build, draw, write, compose, perform, create, sew, cook something directly related to the Medieval Period, the Renaissance that
followed, or the play, Macbeth.

Altogether, 101 seniors participated. Outstanding among projects displayed were an elaborate castle of stone and moss designed and built by Seth Cyfers; a castle of welded and cut metal presented by Brandon Collins and Dustin Gore; a model of the Pont de
Vallentre Bridge by Daniel Doss,
Charlotte Adkins and Shelley
Carter; a witch's cabinet by Ashley Gore and Amanda Workman, and several performance videos. A notable project focusing
on the practical and beautiful arts was a medieval highborn lady's dress and headdress sewn by Shanda May and Veronica Hager.

The project was so successful that we at CHS hope to see it repeated next year.

This and That

On Thursday, May 16, four bus loads of Chapmanville High students attended a play performed by the Man High School Drama Class. Grease was presented at the Coalfield

Jamboree in Logan.

The students in Ms. White's Applied communications classes have worked on poetry posters which were displayed at an open house for parents. Parents were invited to visit Ms. White's classroom on Tuesday, May 28th from 2:30 to 7:30. Refreshments were served and reading lists given out for summer honors class assignments.

Amelia Baisden, a CHS sophomore, is representing the school at the University of Charleston as a Hugh O'Brian Scholarship recipient.

The CHS Drama Club under the
direction of Brenda Hainer
presented the play,
High School Year Broke.

The National Honor Society had a pizza party on Wednesday, May 15, in the CHS Band Room.

Elementary Field Day was held on May 17. Several  high school students helped with the games. Among those on hand to see that the tots had safe fun were Seth Amburgey, Stephen Stowers, Tommy Zamow, Jessica Godby, Ashley Brown, Amanda Hensley, Rob Baldwin, Chris Meade.

CHS was represented at math Field Day by a 10 man teams this year. The participants were: Brenton Wilburn, Brian Spradling, Tyler Landsen, Jeremy Wells, Rob Baldwin, Phillip Bryant, Jennifer Blankership, Brian Purkey, B.J. Picklesimer and Lee Chafin. Alternate was Amy baisden. Brent Wilburn made the regional team and went on to compete at the state level. Congratulations and good work to them all!

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