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CHS Prom

On Friday, May 10, CHS students turned out in high style for the
Junior-Senior Prom, unarguably the principal social event of the high school year.

Students enjoyed a catered sit-down dinner at the new Convention Center at Chief Logan State Park. Afterward, they danced until morning.

Among those in attendance who reported having had a good time at prom were Tiffany Hughes, who was escorted by her father;
Elizabeth Lesher and longtime beau, Jason; Steve Wandling and Samantha Bartlow; Brittney Barker and C.J. Conley; Sara Bias ,Amanda Hensley, Felicia Butcher, Meagan Sellards, Davin Butcher, Rachel Thompson, Chris Brewster, Veronica Hager, Jennifer Blankenship, Miranda Purkey,

A reunion for classes 1957 thru 1961 will be held this coming August 15th, 16th, and 17th.

For all information contact:
Sue Scaggs Grimmett
5054 60th St N 
Kenneth City, FL 33709.
Phone # 727/547-8622.
Glenda Hill Conley
20 Sunset Court 

Tasha Blevins,Amber Blevins, Bethany Dingess, Josh Doss, Matt Lucas, Shaun Dickey, Mandy Porter, Ben Sanchez, Laura Toppings, Ashley Brown, Dustin Gore and a
slew of others.

The girls were glamorous; the boys were handsome, and the setting was West Virginia in the spring -- it was a fine night.

(Travel WV, Cont.)

Upon returning to the mainland, students walked through downtown
Parkersburg to the historic Blennerhassett Hotel, where an assistant to the general manager pointed out items of interest in the restaurant, library, lower hall and lobby.

Student travelers included Robert Hall, Terina Martin, Justin Baisden,
Johnathan Earles, John Henry Johnson, Christopher Stollings, Christopher
Brewer, Rob Baldwin, Vickie Mendez, Charlotte Mullins, Brittney Barker, Brian Farley, Shawnda Justice, C.J.Conley, Chris Aldridge, Joe Ellis, Meagan Sellards, Jennifer Blankenship, Elizabeth Lesher, Jared Luthy, Joe Chafin, Nikki Collins, Franki Bryant, and Taran Brown.
Chaperones for the trip were CHS parent volunteer, Cookie Mendez; Harry Freeman, CHS social studies instructor, and Paula White, CHS travel WV instructor. Trip driver was Wanda Hogston.

The trip was sponsored by the Logan County Board of Education and the WV Department of Hospitality Education and Training. Travel WV students are encouraged to think of WV as a marketable area and to consider careers within or related to the state's burgeoning tourist industry.

Those interested in touring the island may call 1-800-CALL WVA. There is a small fee for the ferry ride and mansion tour. From most locations in
southern WV, a journey to Blennerhassett Island is a one-day trip.

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