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For the West Virginia Traveler

For those who would like to do more traveling throughout West Virginia, Travel West Virginia student, Terina Martin offers the following suggestion for a one-day trip.

Motor to Charleston, but don't go straight to the mall.  Go, instead, to the Capitol Complex, a beautiful place to visit and an interesting place to tour.  Within the complex is the Capitol Building itself, one of the most beautiful in the United States; the Cultural Center, which offers a wealth of historical information and exhibits; and the Governor's Mansion.  On the Capitol grounds, be sure to see the War Memorials, the bronze statue of President Lincoln, called "Lincoln Walks at Midnight," and the squirrels. 
Thinking about going on a Sunday?  You might want to stay later and catch the world-famous Mountain Stage show that is broadcast over National Public Radio to the rest of the world. 
Across the Kanawha River from the city, high on a hill, rests Sunrise Museum, once home to a former WV governor, now an art gallery and planetarium. 
Leaving Charleston and driving toward Belle and Malden on the Midland Trail, visitors often stop at the Craik-Patton House, a restored 19th century residence.  Watch the Charleston Gazette for announcements of special events at the house.  It's worth seeing, but unlike the Capitol Complex, expect a small fee for the privilege of walking through the past. 
                    Have a nice day. Terina.

A reunion for CHS classes 1957-1961 is being planned for August 15th - 17th of 2002. Anyone wishing to attend or for more information please email:
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You can also contact:
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