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Waiting for Prom

In case you haven't heard, the CHS Junior-Senior Prom is scheduled for May 10, 2002, at the new Convention Center at Chief Logan State Park.  In fact, we understand that the CHS Prom will be the first event held at the CC.  Predominant colors in the decorating scheme will be gold and white. The theme is "There You'll Be." 
If you want to be there, however, you must abide by the following rules:

  1. Pay your Junior Activity Fee ($25.00) to Lane Buck by April 5.

  1. If applicable, pay your Outside Guest Fee ($35.00) by April 18.  Note: This fee must be accompanied by the appropriate request form.

  1. All seniors who plan to attend the prom MUST have paid their junior dues. If you did not go to prom last year and did not pay your junior dues then, you must back up and pay them NOW.  No exceptions.

  1. No one enrolled at a grade level lower than 11th from any school will be
  2. allowed to attend.

  1. Outside guests must have a photo ID to be admitted to the dance.

  1. On the night of the prom, only CHS staff and students will be permitted to
  2. arrive past the bottom of the hill leading to the Convention Center.

  1. On Prom Night, only CHS staff and students will allowed inside of the Convention Center.

    Any questions regarding these rules should be referred to Junior Class Sponsors, Paula Thomas and Diane Hensley.

            So you want to play ball.  You want to play the GREAT AMERICAN PASTIME.      Okay.

First off, before anything begins, before you even smell the grass, you'll go through what most people call "conditioning," which I'd like to define more accurately as "a little piece of Hades."

In an average conditioning session, we start by s-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g, then we run until our legs feel as if they're going to fall off.  And if he (the coach) thinks that someone is loafing, the entire team gets to run some more.  Of course, we are punished for something stupid at least twice a week, which means our running time is practically doubled, our rests are shorter, and the hard drills like "suicides" and 1-minute sprints replace our normal procedures.

The worst part, however, is the fact that we have to do all of this running in the compact confines of the hall at the lower end of the school.  Take it from me, that's terrible.  The area's not long enough or wide enough and after the first ten minutes of sprinting, there doesn't seem to be any air circulating there at all.

This conditioning goes on for a month before things get easier and we begin actual practice.  That's when the fun starts -- at last, the grass!  Then the games.  Finally.  The games that never, never, never disappoint.  Win or lose, they never disappoint. 


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