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Volume 1, Issue 1

March 31st, 2002

Something NEW!

encompassed a three-week period during which the pennies had to be collected, counted,          recounted and rolled. 
It was hard work, but the results were great.    Altogether, CHS students donated $916.10 in pennies and silver change. Mrs. Bagshaw's homeroom collected the most money, totaling in at $254,12.  As a reward, these students will be given a pizza party. 
NHS sponsors, Lynn Mahon and Paula White, wish to thank everyone who donated pennies and commend the CHS National Honor Society for its hard, but very successful, work on this project.

It has become increasenly difficult for this frustrated webmaster to keep up with the over 100 MB site that this webpage now encompasses. Especially so now that I no longer have easy access to a computer at school. In order to update I must rely on the kindess of others or head to the public library. So, with the aid of Miss Paula White's tourism class, we are trying something new.
This is Chapmanville High ONLINE. A hopefully semi monthly newsletter to keep you updated on events and happenings at CHS and with our alumni. The static pages that remain constant will stay on the website, but the current news will be displayed in newsletter form.
We hope you enjoy this endeavor. Be sure and drop a line to and let us know what you think.

Brenda Hager
CHS Webmaster & Choral Director.

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Double Congratulations from
the Students at CHS

Admitted to the 2002
Governor's School of the Arts

Pennies For Patients

In March of 2002, the      Chapmanville High School Torch Chapter of the National Honor Society participated in a School & Youth Program sponsored by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society called    "Pennies for Patients."

NHS members furnished each CHS  classroom with a plastic container to catch pennies and spare change from concerned students.  The penny drive

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